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Wedding and Bridal Hair Trends for 2016

While finding the perfect dress is a quest near and dear to every bride’s heart, choosing a successful accompanying hairstyle is equally important to creating a beautiful bridal look. Hair texture and length, wedding theme, and the dress are all usually considered when a bride chooses how to wear her hair. Beyond those considerations, there are so many great hair style options – not to mention getting your hair done is a great way to feel pampered and relaxed before you walk down the aisle! Looks that evoke soft romance are popular this year with brides. Brides and stylists may want to keep some of these specific trends in mind when choosing bridal hair 2016.


bridal hair 2016 styles, braidsbridal hair 2016 styles, braidsBraids are not just for girls. Eye-catching and intricate, braided hairstyles are suited to most dress designs and types of hair. Elaborate braided up-dos with soft strands framing the face are a lovely choice for brides. Or a simple single braid across the side and back of the head can be the epitome of romantic. For a bolder look, brides can chose an over the shoulder or down the back plait interwoven with flowers or jeweled hair accessories. Adding volume and detail are easy ways of keeping the style from having a juvenile feel. Among the trendy bridal hair 2016 styles, braids are one of the most versatile looks.bridal hair 2016 styles, braids







2016 wedding long hair style, volume2016 wedding long hair style, volumeBig hair is the big news this year. Whether featuring voluminous flowing locks or teased up-dos, hairstyles with added texture and height make a bold statement. Brides will love to let their personality shine by choosing to amp up the volume in their chosen hairstyle. A throw back look brought firmly into the modern era, voluminous hair should be at least considered by current brides. Remember, volume doesn’t necessarily mean messy – done right big hair looks sassy, free-spirited, or even romantic. Just make sure your stylist has the right tools and tricks to add texture that will last all day.

Bohemian Waves
bohemian waves wedding hair 2016, bohoSoft and romantic, bohemian inspired gowns are still quite a popular bridal choice. Boho chic brides can accent their look with a care-free wavy hairstyle. Best suited to medium or long length hair, hair parted in the middle and flowing down into long, loose waves evokes a romantic feel. Center parts don’t have to look severe, and many hairstyles from the 2016 bridal shows, including down hair styles, feature center parts. Add individual blooms or a garland crown as a finishing touch. Worried about hair falling in your face? Pull back a small section from each part of the front and pin away from your face for a fresh variation of the look.

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Side Swept Curls

Asymmetrical hair styles, particularly up-dos, have been popular for several years now. Side swept curls are the most recent reincarnation of the asymmetrical look. With hair accessories such as the blinged out barrette back in vogue, side swept curls are a fantastic variation of the asymmetrical look that works well with accessories. Best of all, it is a unique and on trend way to wear hair down. Long hair with relatively tight curls looks particularly well with this hair style.

side swept curls 2016 bridal hair


Chignon with a Twist

Sleek hairstyles have always been a fashionable choice for all types of brides. Naturally elegant, smooth up-dos are elegant and classy. While most bridal trends for this year have leaned towards the romantic, bridal hair 2016 also includes variations of this classic look. One interesting variation of the standard chignon is to wrap the hair under and fasten so as to make a loop. Keeping the hair smooth and sleek as it wraps around is key to making this look stand out. chignon with a twist bridal 2016 hair