Helpful hints


Hair and Make-up Info:

1. Hair and makeup service takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. We want to allow appointment time to pamper you, so please have hair dry upon our arrival.

2. Please be in your room 10 minutes before your appointment time.

3. Facials, waxing , haircuts, and color should be done at least 1 week before the wedding.

4. Showers by bride, groom, and members in the same room should be taken before your hair service begins. Steam and heat is the enemy of beautiful hair and makeup. Steaming of dress should also be done the day before.

5. Please make sure you follow step 1 and have your hair washed and dried.

6. Tiaras that slide in or with combs in the front make for easy removal and are more comfortable.

7. Prepare yourself for the dry climate by scrubbing lips lightly and moisturize at night and morning.

8. During service it is best to wear open neck or button down shirt to avoid pulling over your head.

9. If having Massages at the spa , they are best done the day before or the day after.

10. Fresh flowers in hair will wilt when touched.

11. Do not flat iron hair unless massively curly.

12. Please refrain from talking on cell phone when you are having makeup service.

13. Lucky number 13 , please make sure you call Pampered Brides with your room number, not the chapels or the hotels, we need to know where you are.

Las Vegas Info:

1. It is best to have your marriage license one day before the momentous occasion. Do on line check in.

2. Make sure you have correct address to the chapel if you or your guest are using taxi service.

3. Everything on the strip looks closer then you think, so plan your time accordingly.Do not go looking for a pair of shoes 2 hours before the wedding. We do not want you to miss your wedding!!

4. Make sure you confirm all hotel rooms, limo and all other services the day before.

5. It is best not to arrange wedding for the same day your plane lands, unless you have at least 8 hours in-between. Enjoy your day and be well rested.

6. Please make sure you check all wedding clothes prior to your big day, We have seen a bride with 2 left shoes, a groom who’s pants were not hemmed, a father with his sons pants and a whole lot more. Hope these helpful hints will make your stay and wedding the best that it can be ,so relax and enjoy Wonderful Las Vegas. Have fun!

7. If you need anything else, visit